Quick and Explosive, Two Champions Crowned at Jungle Fight 47

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Ildemar Marajó levou o Jungle Belt dos médios. Foto: Jefferson Bernardes

Ildemar Marajó is now the Jungle Fight middleweight champion. (Photo by Jefferson Bernardes)

With seven fights on the card, two counting for titles and just one going to a decision, Jungle Fight fulfilled its purpose of treating the Ginásio Tesourinha arena in the Southern Brazilian State of Rio Grande do Sul to big-time excitement. Ildemar Marajó is the new holder of the promotion’s middleweight belt, having knocked out Itamar Rosa. Now, Arinaldo da Silva took the flyweight belt after tapping out Junior Abedi just 57 seconds in the first title fight of the night.

Ildemar Marajó, brother to UFC fighter Iuri Marajó, took on Itamar Rosa in a middleweight-title tilt that started out fast and furious, with both fighters engaging in an intense standup exchange. Once the inicial flurry had calmed down, Ildemar and Itamar spent a few seconds sizing each other up, until Ildemar landed a straight right that dropped Itamar to the ground, and without thinking twice, he pounced on Itamar and rained down fists until the referee was forced to call an end to the action one minute and seven seconds into the opening round. Victory and the middleweight belt were Ildemar Marajó’s.

In the co-main event, Arinaldo da Silva locked horns with Junior Abedi to determine the crown-wearer in the Jungle Fight flyweight division. A speedy Arinaldo shot straight in on Abedi’s legs and pressed him up against the cage. Abedi tried retalliating when tossed against the cage fencing, but Arinaldo da Silva wasn’t waiting around and went straight for a guillotine choke. The shorter of the two, he couldn’t get the angle for the finish while standing, so he pulled guard and took Abedi to the ground, where he extended his body and tugged on Abedi’s neck until there was no more delaying the tap, which came after just 57 seconds of action. After receiving the divisional belt from the promoter Wallid Ismail, Arinaldo dedicated the title to his illustrious cousin, Renan Barão, as well as their shared master, Jair Lourenço.

Another highlight of the evening was the fight between Lucio Curado and Ary Santos. Santos had the upper hand throughout the first round both standing and on the ground, where he passed guard masterfully and launched several submission attempts on Curado. Early in the second frame, Curado wobbled his adversary with a solid strike. Once recovered, Ary looked set to recover his edge from the first round until, all of a sudden, Lucio managed to make it to back control and finish with a choke.

Check out the official results from Jungle Fight 47:

Jungle Fight 47
Ginásio Tesourinha, Porto Alegre, Brazil
December 21, 2012

Ildemar Marajó knocked out Itamar Rosa at 1:07 min of R1;
Arinaldo da Siva tapped out Junior Abedi via guillotine at 0.57 min of R1;
Sean Cubby defeated Dimitry Zebroski via unanimous judges’s decision;
Lucio Curado tapped out Ary Santos via choke at 1:45 min of R2;
Edmildon Kevin knocked out Mauro Chaulet at 3:03 min of R1;
Wagner Noronha defeated Claudir Dutkevis via TKO at 1:03 min of R1;
Douglas Del Rio knocked out Giovanne Guedes at 3:38 min of R2.

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