Passer vs. guard player: Lo and Panza’s duel at the 2017 Worlds

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Beatriz Lina/GRACIEMAG

In the lead-up to the 2018 Jiu-Jitsu Worlds, which will kick off next week, today we remember one of the semifinal absolute matches held in 2017.

Leandro Lo, stronger and more offensive, was facing Luiz Panza and his sneaky leg attacks. The result: a beautiful clash of a passer and a guard player.

Lo fought on top for most of the match while Panza was trying to sweep or attack his foot. They both reached deep into their toolboxes to try and advance to the final.

With pressure from the top, Lo managed to pass and score three decisive points. He even played guard in the final minutes, as Panza took his last shot — but, indeed, the win belonged to the NS Brotherhood leader.

Remember the bout in the following video, and stay tuned to as well as our Instagram accounts for coverage of the 2018 Worlds.

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