Olivieri fears not partisan crowd at Minas-vs-Rio event

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Felipe Olivieri in photo by Carlos Ozório

One of the fights where sparks are bound to fly at this Saturday’s Brasil Fight MMA 2 event in Belo Horizonte is between strikers Felipe Olivieri and Thiago Michel. The bout is part of the interstate Minas vs Rio challenge portion of the card, and the fighter from Rio is all set to rain on the local Minas Gerais crowd’s parade.

“He’s a really tough adversary, a kickboxing champion and one from a school with a great Jiu-Jitsu tradition, a student of Draculino’s. I feel it has all the makings of the best fight of the night,” wagers Felipe.

The beast from team Nova União believes the crowd that will be against him in Minas will not be a defining factor in the fight.

“When I go in to fight I don’t feel that kind of pressure. I’m psychologically prepared and I’m also going to feel right at home. I’ll be there with my teammates by my side. Although there won’t be that many people for me, I’ll have that support,” he says in closing.

The promotion’s website is on the air: www.brasifightmma.com.br.

Check out this video of Felipe’s prep work shot by our collaborator Junior Samurai:

Check out the card (subject to changes):

Brasil Fight MMA 2
August 14, 2010
Chevrolet Hall, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil

International bout
Gustavo Coelho (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Miguel Duran (Nova União-Espanha)

MG vs RJ challenge
Mauricio Facção (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Rodirgo Ratinho (TFT)
Thiago Michel (Gracie Fusion BH/ Ely kickboxing) vs Felipe Olivieri (Nova União/Boxe Thai)
Cesar Gordim (Gordim Team) vs Fabiano Bob Sponja (TFT)
Joaquim Mamute (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Marcelão de Oliveira (BPT)
Erik Wanderley (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Eduardo Camaleão (BTT)
Marcelo Irapuru (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Igor Chatubinha (Relman/ Minotauro Team)
Cristiano Titi (Gracie Fusion BH) vs Bruno Carioca (Zé Mario Team)

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