Need some omoplata help? Here are 7 ways to secure, counter and defend against it

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Kyra Gracie with the omoplata. Photo: Ivan Trindade

Kyra Gracie with the omoplata. Photo: Ivan Trindade

The omoplata submission is one of the most common arm attacks in Jiu-Jitsu. Similar to the kimura, it attacks the shoulder by locking up an arm with your legs. It is often used as a transitional position rather than a straight submission.

Here are seven breakdowns of the omoplata to brush up on or learn how to secure, how to transition and how to take advantage of the position:

1. Draculino teaches how to secure the omoplata from the spider guard:

2. Get the omoplata from knee on belly with Nino Schembri:

3. Your opponent is turtled? Christian Uflacker shows the inverted omoplata from this position:

4. Another way to finish the omoplata is with the horseshoe technique as explained by New Breed’s Johnny Ramirez:

5. Jackson Sousa shows how to spin under to secure the omoplata and sweep:

6. Once you’ve swept with the omoplata, go for the triangle from mount with Ricardo Cavalcanti:

7. If you’ve been caught in an omoplata, Robson Moura teaches how to defend and escape the submission:


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