Metamoris: Kron saves the night with guillotine on Aoki

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The submission-only event almost ended up being a no-submission event.

Metamoris II, this Sunday, June 9, featured six matches on its card and only the last fight saw a tap-out.

Kron persists to get the tap

Kron vs Aoki

Kron vs Aoki

Kron Gracie, in the last fight, got the three taps with a beautiful guillotine.

It took some work, but Rickson Gracie’s son persisted and got the finish.

The crowd was able to finally see what they had come to see at the Pauley Pavillion, at UCLA.

At the press conference, Kron said that he likes the 20-minute, no-points format: “I can do really long training sessions, I don’t have to lift weights. That’s one of the reasons why I am now exclusive with Metamoris.”

Metamoris president Ralek Gracie announced that Kron will have a title fight in the next installment.

Rodolfo puts pressure on Braulio

Rodolfo vs. Braulio

Rodolfo vs. Braulio

Before Kron vs. Aoki, the most exciting match of the night was the clash of generations between Rodolfo Vieira and Braulio Estima.

Rodolfo did his thing and played on top the whole time, always trying to pass Braulio’s guard, who used his long legs to defend well.

Estima was successful most of the time, but Rodolfo managed to pass occasionally.

The ending was the most thrilling part. Rodolfo managed to catch Braulio’s arm and stretch it, but Braulio defended it nicely and avoided the finish.

Braulio revealed that he had hurt himself during the Worlds, last weekend, and said that he had a lot of confidence in his guard.

Rodolfo said he was surprised with the kind of guard Braulio played: “It was a tricky guard, so I took no chances and paced myself so I wouldn’t get tired before the 20 minutes were over. Which in fact happened and I got really tired.”

Galvão wears Lovato out

Galvão vs. Lovato

Galvão vs. Lovato

Andre Galvão was back to Metamoris’ white mat, this time to face Rafael Lovato Jr.

He managed to pass Lovato’s guard twice but didn’t get the submission he was looking for.

Fortunately for Galvão, this time there were judges and they ruled in his favor.

Galvão said at the press conference that he felt in good shape for the match, but said that he has to train more to pace himself more during the 20 minutes.

Rafael lovato Jr thanked the event for another invitation and praised Galvão for his win.

Schaub seemed to be in the wrong place

Cyborg vs. Schaub

Cyborg vs. Schaub

The first no-gi fight of the evening was disapointing for the crowd.

UFC’s Breandan Schaub didn’t seem in the mood to go for it against Roberto Cyborg. His only attempts were for guillotines, but not very effective.

Cyborg tried to pursue the fight but only in the very end was he able to pass Schaub’s guard. Unfortunately the time ran out before he could do anything.

At least Cyborg took the win home.

At the press conference, Schaub tried to defend his actions: “I tried to shut Cyborg’s game down. That was the strategy, to not let him get ahold of my legs. It was mission accomplished for me.”

Cyborg was clearly upset: “When there’s someone trying to fight you, you either go for it, or you stay home. I was frustrated because I never ran from a fight like he did.”

Dern, Nicolini tie after foot lock battle

Dern vs. Nicolini

Dern vs. Nicolini

The first female match on Metamoris was nice to watch.

Mackenzie Dern went for it in the beginning, got a takedown and almost passed Michelle Nicolini’s guard.

They exchanged sweeps and foot attacks until the end, when the judges agreed on a draw.

Michelle said during the press conference that it was not her strategy to play double guard: “She got a tight grip on my arm. I didn’t feel comfortable to get on top.”

Dern said that it was an honor to be in the first female match of Metamoris.

Victor Estima, JT torres exchange foot attacks to tie after 20 minutes

Estima vs. JT

Estima vs. JT

The first match of the event was a last-minute deal.

At the press conference, both fighters said that being called to compete on such short notice hurt their performance.

The 20-minute match was filled with foot attacks.

Maybe Estima got closer to get the tap, but the judges preferred to call it a draw.

Metamoris already announced the first match of next installment.

Royler Gracie will face Eddie Bravo in a rematch of their 2003 ADCC bout, in Brazil, when Bravo shocked the grappling world by choking Gracie out in a triangle.

There’s still no date for Metamoris III.


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