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Bochecha at 2011 Worlds / Photo: Ivan Trindade

Marcus Bochecha has stood out as one of the most talented athletes of the new generation of black belts. At 21 years of age and just one year at the highest rank, Bochecha is always one of the favorites to win whatever competition he is in, with an imposing offense and wide array of positions.

For that reason the fighter is featured in GRACIEMAG #172, on its way to a bookstore near you, in the Training Program section, where he teaches a can’t miss class on his tricks to getting the finish.

In the video below, in action against Bruno Bastos, the CheckMat representative performs a sweep stemming from the omoplata. In the position, the fighter sets up an arm attack, but keeps a sweep up his sleeve as backup. Depending on the opponent’s posture, you can go forwards or backwards.

It’ll take only 59 seconds to see Bochecha’s moves and tricks. If that’s not enough, just watch it again. And, of course, you can find out plenty more in GRACIEMAG, so subscribe here.


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