Learn an Anaconda Choke for Gi or No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu

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The anaconda choke is one of the most classic of modern MMA weapons, as Rodrigo Caporal proved in 2012 at the event Ruff. (Photo courtesy of Ruff)

A representative of the Brasília chapter of team Gracie Humaitá, Raul Gomes is one of the talented athletes who will be doing battle for gold at the IBJJF European Open from January 24 to 27. To join him in the effort, click here.

Today the bantamweight black belt is teaching us a variation on the anaconda choke that can be done either standing or on all fours, with or without the gi. The trick is to get your second arm up and around the opponent’s armpit and grab your own wrist.

Take a look at Raul’s move and let us know how it goes: does it work with your game?


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