Keenan confirms move to Atos JJ, JT Torres follows

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Here's a new released of birthday boy Keenan Cornelius, now 21.

Keenan in his way to Atos JJ

It’s official!

Keenan Cornelius just confirmed to that he will be training with Andre Galvão, the Mendes Brothers and will be competing at the upcoming Boston Open and Pan Championship under the flag of Atos JJ.

When asked, Keenan wrote: “I don’t know how officially joining a team works but I don’t really want to jump into another team without really getting a feel for the coach. For obvious reasons. I do still need to register for competitions so I am asking professor Galvao if I can do that for the Boston Open and Pan.”

Earlier this week, we have talked with Andre Galvão and Guilherme Mendes about the contact with Keenan.

Gui told us that it was Keenan who first got in touch: “I later called him and we talked a bit,” said Mendes, making sure that at that point (last Wednesday) nothing was 100 percent yet.

Galvão said almost the same thing: “He got in touch with me. I don’t know him personally very well but he seems to be an upright kid besides being obviously a very good athlete and competitor. If he complies with the rules of our team like everybody else, he will be very welcome to train with us.”

In an update, another former Team Lloyd Irvin star decided to join Atos JJ.

A few moments ago, Andre Galvão posted in his Facebook Fan Page a picture of JT Torres with a welcoming message. is trying to get in contact with Galvão to learn the details of JT’s arrival.

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