“Jiu-Jitsu indispensable to the Army”

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Last March 30, instructor Roberto Fleischmann taught a special class to a attentive and select group.

He was dealing with the US special forces, members of a troop stationed at an American military base in Guatemala. The men in green enjoyed their hand-to-hand combat lessons. “Phenomenal, very realistic training,” remarked one serviceman. “Jiu-Jitsu is an indispensable weapon to our Army.”

Roberto Fleischmann targeted self-defense and defense against weapons in the class– and he too got excited. “The group did really well, it was an honor to contribute to soldiers’ training.

The head instructor at Gracie Guatemala – an academy affiliated with the Valente brothers –, the Royce Gracie black belt has been training for 15 years and travels with his students frequently for lessons at our GMA Gracie Miami.

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The new installations at Gracie Guatemala / Photo: publicity

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