Dana White: “The Nevada Comission will ruin MMA like it ruined boxing”

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Dana White

Dana White

The post-fight interview for UFC 167 was opened by a very disappointed Dana White.

The UFC boss directed his criticism to the two judges that ruled Georges St. Pierre as the main event winner over Johnny Hendricks.

Questioned if he also thought that Hendricks had won, he answered with another question: “Does anyone here think GSP won that fight?”

He then added: “The Governor of Nevada has to intervene to stop the incompetence before the Commission ruins this sport as they ruined boxing,” said Dana.

Johnny came late to the table, but was clear on how he saw the fight: “I outpunched him, outwrestled him, outdid him in everything! But that was not enough for those two judges. I give George the third and the fifth rounds, but I’m sure won the other three. It’s only a small setback for me. I’ll be back and I’ll be batter and I’ll never let that happen again. If we meet again in the octagon, the fight will not go all the way.”

Later during the press conference, Georges St Pierre showed up with his face covered with bruises contrasting with hendricks clean face.

Asked what he thought of the fight, he said: “I think I won three rounds!”


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