Is Your Opponent Turtling on All Fours? Takes His Back and Arm

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Saulo Ribeiro against Eduardo Telles at the International Master and Senior 2012 (Photo by Ivan Trindade/

When an opponent has balled up on all fours, you have but two options: either stick your hand in and grab the collar for a clock choke or stick in your hooks and take his back. Right?

Not quite! You’ve still got some other alternatives.

Today brings you a slick double finish direct from Las Vegas, taught by our GMA Ricardo Cavalcanti, head sensei at Carlson Gracie Las Vegas.

Pay attention to how the Jiu-Jitsu professor fakes a clock choke with his hand.

If the opponent shuts your first hook out, don’t worry: position your foot as Ricardo does and turn while pulling on the collar from behind, which also traps the arm.

All that’s left for the opponent to do is shout out or tap out any way he can. How’d you like that?

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