If you had just 20 minutes to introduce someone to Jiu-Jitsu, what would you teach?

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That was the question proposed by our reader Nicole over Twitter (@ottermav89). So then, what basic moves would you quickly demonstrate to a complete layman so he’ll understand what Jiu-Jitsu is and fall in love with our arm?

You only have 20 minutes?

Something wishy-washy like “self-defense” or “guard” doesn’t count; get into the details.

This query brings to mind the story of American actor and now black belt Ed O’Neill’s first contact with Jiu-Jitsu, in California. Rorion Gracie asked whether he was capable of getting on top and holding him down for three (three!) seconds. “Shoot, three seconds is easy.” In one second he’d been flipped. In five, he was signing the contract to register at the academy.

What about you, what would you teach? Comment below and enrich the debate!

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