How about 2 Gracie Diet juices that help fight from depression to acne?

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The Gracie Diet is a dietary method popularized and tested by Carlos Gracie over 70 years ago, and it helps combat illness and provide better quality of life through simple, yet somewhat unusual, recipes.

Today brings you a health tip for you, whether you’re a vegetarian or not: green juice.

In his book “The Gracie Diet”, Rorion Gracie recommends a quick and tasty green juice, which all you need to do to relish is stick 1 cucumber, 5 carrots, 5 radishes, 3 stalks of celery, 1 bushel of broccoli and 1 green pepper in the centrifuge. Tried it yet?

Now our own Adriana Gracie is big on a similar recipe, one that enriches and detoxifies your body with antioxidants. The secret is in one ingredient: collard greens.

Green juice with collard greens is a boon to your digestive and immune systems, not to mention being great for your skin. “Collard greens combats ailments such as depression, ulcers, and helps detox the body, eliminating carcinogens,” asserts Adriana, who shares yet another recipe with us. Enjoy the snack!

1) Rejuvenating juice

(50 calories per glass)

½ cup papaya or persimmon
1 carrot cut into wheels
½ bushel of mint

Beat in blender and sweeten with honey

2) Green juice with collard greens

(40 calories per glass)

2 leaves of collard greens
2 Brussels srouts
1 bushel of cauliflower
4 carrots
1 small apple
1 glass of orange juice

Beat in blender and sweeten with honey

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