Hawaii on alert: Honolulu Open coming up

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Caveirinha teaches class in Honolulu

One of the teachers at Gracie Barra University in Honolulu, Aldo “Caveirinha” is anxious about the upcoming IBJJF on the Hawaiian archipelago. This coming September 4 at Henry J. Kaiser High School the inaugural Honolulu International Open is set to take place.

“It will be a great event,” says the black belt, who besides leading his troop of students, should hit the mats for some action, as well.

“I’m really anxious to put on the gi and try for a medal with my team, as well as to see this great event on September 4,” he remarks.

According to Caveirinha, the competition is also a great opportunity for Hawaiian Jiu-Jitsu.

The students at GB University are all set for the Honolulu Open

“It’s a great chance for teachers here to showcase their work. Hawaii will enter the history of the great worldwide gentle art events, if just because we have great teams here like Gracie Barra, Relson Gracie, Nova União, Brazilian Freestyle, Grappling Unlimited, Gracie Technics, Gracie Humaitá, Maui Jiu-Jitsu, Longman JJ, Mad Tiger and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu North Shore, among others. We’re going to show the style is really strong here,” he says in closing.

To find out more about the Honolulu Open and sign up, click here.

On August 22 the IBJJF will hold the Chicago Open. Click here to sign up.

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