Gracie Diet: get your seasonal fruit

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On her Facebook page, dietary expert Adriana Ribeiro Gracie put together a community that serves as a channel bearing recipes, tips and lessons for not just those who follow the Gracie Diet, but anyone looking to eat better and live a better life.

The other day it was the turn of a grandson of Grandmaster Carlos who has understood the Diet since the cradle, Marco Gracie Imperial, to reveal some interesting recipes over there. Check them out, jot them down, and do some ingredients shopping!

“It’s persimmon season in Brazil, and the way I was taught, a persimmon a day adds a day of life,” recollects Marco. “Persimmon is an incredible fruit, and it’s being used in Germany as a substitute for sugar in processed foods. It’s powerful in its ability to replenish intestinal bacteria, and it’s a potent antacid. Upon awakening, have a persimmon, cheese, and whole wheat crackers with a glass of orange juice,” he recommends.

“Persimmon with açaí is great too. Another fine recipe is tapioca crepes with persimmon filling,” he says in conclusion.

Dug that? Make it yourself and then comment here. For further novelties on health and the Gracie Diet, stay tuned to and subscribe to your favorite Jiu-Jitsu magazine here.

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