10 Gracie Diet foods for combating migraines

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Noz, alimento de casca grossa.

Walnuts, tough-guy food


As Jiu-Jitsu grandmasters Carlos and Helio Gracie would always say, “What ails you enters through your mouth.”


That’s why the MMA pioneers always insisted that, besides the standard 30-minute-minimum daily exercise (essential for eliminating toxins from the body), eating smart is of the utmost importance. That—diet—is the ideal medicine for warding off migraines and numerous forms of cancer.


According to the neutrologist Tamara Mazaracki, a contributor on the Busca Saúde blog, chronic headaches can be dealt with through an intelligent diet.

She put together a list of foods that help combat migraines, for their magnesium content or the beneficial effect they have on the arteries.

* Leafy vegetables

* Nuts

* Oats

* Whole grain rice

* Whole wheat bread

* Fish

* Eggs

* Flax seed

* Chamomile and mint teas

* Ginger

Revamp your menu, have a good rest, and enjoy your training!

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