GM #220: lessons from the 2015 world champions

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GRACIEMAG #220 is out!

Grab your copy and relive the thrills of the 2015 Worlds with awesome pictures of the best that happened in Long Beach featuring Bruno Malfacine​, Paulo Miyao​, Mackenzie Dern​, Leandro Lo​ and many others.

Also, follow Bernardo Faria​ around NYC as he talks about his life and career and teaches the techniques that made him black belt open class world champion.

Rafael Mendes is another feature with the step by step of the incredible movement that got him to Cobrinha’s back and the 5th title in the featherweight division.

Dominyka Obelenyte​ gives an exclusive interview so you can know more about the new sensation of the female division.

Other than that:

Learn some wrestling with Jacob Harman​;

Get inspired by Mike Calimbas​’ pictures;

Discover why Megaton Dias​ still competes in the adult division;

Eat at the right time with the help of Dr. Michelle Alencar;

Get fit with Martin Rooney​;

Find out why Fabricio Werdum​ is used to achieve the unthinkable.


There’s more next month.


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