Glover vs. Pé de Pano, Busta vs. Yuya in Rio

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There big excitement coming up this July 20 at Rio de Janeiro’s Via Show venue, with the Clube da Luta event presenting a stellar card. This Friday, Coach Roberto Gordo confirmed to that two-time absolute world champion and former UFC fighter Marcio Pé de Pano (pictured) will be taking on Glover Teixeira, today considered the top light heavyweight in action in Brazil.

“The fight was more or less agreed upon verbally, but now it’s official,” says Gordo. What do you think, dear reader, who’s going to win this all-Brazilian bout?

Another heavily-anticipated matchup pits Murilo Bustamante against Japan’s Chirai Yuya, while Delson Pé de Chumbo takes on Luis Besouro (RFT).

Besides these bouts, sparks are bound to fly with two GPs stacked with talent adding further action. Check out the updated card:

Clube da Luta
Via Show, Rio de Janeiro, RJ
July 20, 2011

Under-70kg GP
Ronys Torres (Nova União)
Diego Braga (Gordo-Evolve)
Igor Chatubinha (Minotauro)
Carlo Prater (USA)

Under-77kg GP
Zezão Trator
Edilberto Crocotá
Hernani Perpétuo (NU)
Daniel Acácio (CSM)

Delson Pé de Chumbo vs. Luis Besouro (RFT)
Murilo Bustamante vs. Chirai Yuya (campeão do Deep)

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