Pan 2010 finals: Bernardo wins heavyweight and open class

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Bernardo (white gi) and Braga Neto, with 5 seconds left.

From Brazil to Abu Dhabi, the technique of the black belts in the Pan 2010 managed to keep a lot of people awake until late.

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Heavyweight: Bernardo Faria defeats Rafael Lovato Jr.

After earning his spot in the absolute final on Saturday, the young talent from Alliance repeated the feat at heavyweight. In the final, he overcame Lovato on points. “I got the finish in all my matches, except this final with Lovato. I respect him a lot, and I’m so happy to be champion of the Pan. Many thanks to my team, especially Ecuador’s Léo Iturralde, who made way for me at weight and is a champion too. And to Léo Nogueira, who trains with me in São Paulo,” remarks Bernardo.

Superheavyweight: Antonio Braga Neto defeats Marcel Fortuna

Both representing the academies of Ralph Gracie, old opponents Neto and Mãozinha opted not to compete in the final. Marcel also appears to be limping.

Roosterweight: Bruno Malfacine submits Felipe Costa

Good match between world champions, with the consistency of Bruno “Bad Boy” prevailing, who has been winning every competition he enters.

Light featherweight: Carlos “Esquisito” Holanda

After contracting swine flu, Caio showed up in the light featherweight division untrained, but valiant. He was not up to par with the good shape and category of Carlos Esquisito (Check Mat), who won on points. “I’m impressed, to tell you the truth. I fulfilled a dream in the Pan: I fought in the absolute, where I won my first match against Bill Cooper, then I fought Bruno Bastos and lost. But the power of team CheckMat was worthwhile,” said the Amazonas state native.

Featherweight: Rubens Cobrinha defeats Marcelino Freitas

Cobrinha sweeps Marcelino, who made it really hard to pass his guard. With 30 seconds left, the Alliance Atlanta teacher freed his leg from Marcelino’s half-guard, made it to side-control and tried to take the back, but time ran out. With his fifth title, Cobrinha bids farewell to the Pan in grand style!

Lightweight: Michael Langhi closed out with Lucas Lepri

Langhi and Lepri, being teammates, chose not to fight in the final.

Middleweight: Kayron Gracie defeats Abmar Barbosa

Kayron Gracie went on a tear as a black belt and won gold at the Pan. The final was a sweep show. Abmar started out losing, but drew the score with a sweep. Kayron reciprocated, and then was swept again. Score tied at 4 to 4, Abmar got on top, trying for advantage points. In the end, Kyron swept again and secured gold for himself.

Medium heavyweight: Otávio Sousa defeats André Freitas

Otávio didn’t allow any breathing room on top and beat André Freitas. The Gracie Barra fighter passed guard and mounted to secure gold.

Ultraheavyweight: Gabriel Vella defeats Luiz Felipe Big Mac

In a match that played out entirely standing, Gabriel Vella defeated Luiz “Big Mac” on his return to Ryan Gracie Academy. Vella managed an advantage point at a moment when he moved to Big Mac’s back and nearly got a wrestling-type takedown. The move earned him the win.

Absolute final: Bernardo Augusto Faria defeats Antonio Braga Neto

Braga Neto started off with an advantage. From top position he nearly passed guard. In the final minutes, Bernardo closed guard and attacked with an omoplata. After sinking the position, with 5 seconds left, he released the hold and reversed the game, earning him 2 points for the sweep and an advantage. With the result, Bernardo was the big name of the event, winning at weight and open weight.

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