Fighter on Bitetti Combat card teaches finish

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Andrezinho Nogueira teaches a back escape. Photo: Junior Samurai/

Rio de Janeiro native Amaury Bitetti, a Jiu-Jitsu black belt two-time absolute champion, will be promoting Bitetti Combat Rocinha on the 4th of May. The event will be held in the Rocinha favela of Rio de Janeiro and will feature an under-70 kg GP, where the champion will have to win three fights on a single night.

As with the early days of the UFC, the path to glory will be no walk in the park, but Argentina’s Luciano Izzy of team Brazilian Fight and the talented Mauricio Reis of BTT, Julio Cesar Field of RFT, Bruno Caveira of Minotauro team and Andrezinho Nogueira of Fighter Sport are all up to the task.

The black belt Andrezinho Nogueira, a strong candidate to win the title, is already training hard for the occasion in Fortaleza, and there he shared a slide back position ending with a footlock.

The trick? “You do the roll, but the leg remains; so you try move the body backwards.”

Bitetti Combat Rocinha
Quadra do complexo esportivo da Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro

May 4, 2012

GP 70kg
Andrew Tigrão (Nova União) vs Mauricio Reis (BTT)
Julio César Field (RFT) vs Sergio Soares (Ryan Gracie)
Luciano Izzy (Brazilian Fight) vs Gilmar Manaus (Paraná Vale-Tudo)
Andrezinho Nogueira (Fighter Sport) vs Bruno Caveira (Minotauro Team)

Reserve Bout
Eduardo Herdy (Brazilian Fight) vs adversário á definir

Preliminary Fights
Diego de Souza (Parque Esportivo) vs Leléu (TFT-Rocinha)
Pelézinho (BTT) vs Sandro G. Marquês de Souza (SNT)


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