Fernando Tererê, the movie

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Fernando Tererê. Carlos Arthur Jr.

One of the most charismatic world champions in BJJ, Fernando “Tererê” Silva is turning into a movie. The project to tell the intense life story of the Alliance black-belt is well underway, and Graciemag did some digging to learn more about the film.

Rangel Neto, who dreamed up and wrote The Black Belt, spoke about the feature-length film, which will reenact with actors the phases of Tererê’s life.

“We’ve been working with Fernando for approximately a year and a half,” Rangel told Graciemag. “We learned his story backwards, talking to lots of key people in his life, like his buddy Elan Santiago, his student Alan Finfou, former partner Eduardo Telles, Gigi Paiva and Fabio Gurgel, among others. The script is done and in the hands of the production company and the director, Caco Souza. They are currently in the phase of negotiating with the distributors, and the forecast for the release is second semester 2020.

“The best part about writing Tererê’s story was being around him almost daily for a year and a half. He is, without a doubt, one of the best people I’ve met in my life. The guy has a natural light about him and above-average charisma, as well as being obsessed with everything he does. This explains why he made it all the way to where he did.”

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