Durinho’s automatic Jiu-Jitsu at WOCS 20

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Vitor Belfort and Gilbert Durinho / Photo posted on Twitter

If Jiu-Jitsu black belt Gilbert Durinho was aiming to catch attention at WOCS 20 last Friday, he did a fine job of it. The Gi and No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu world champion showed he’s joined the MMA fray for keeps. In his fight against Vinicius Bohrer, the tranquil Vitor Belfort student waited for the right moment to pounce and take the action to the ground. “It was my intention to fight in whatever position comes up, using tight Jiu-Jitsu. I was really calm and managed to execute the takedown. I’ve done so many repetitions of that takedown that in the fight it came out automatically. The footwork is from judo; you have to take a step and turn your hip, getting the opponent to walk with you,” he explained.

Following up, the fighter put his Jiu-Jitsu skills to practice. From side control, Durinho got knee-on-belly, dropped some strikes, and later moved to back control to wrap up the fight in grand style with a snug rear-naked choke. “Back mount is the position I feel most comfortable in. It’s what I practiced most in life; it too comes automatically. I get to the back and presto. When I’m on the back I’m in complete control; all the guy can do is defend. When I got the knee on belly I made Vinicius turn on all fours. I took his back, stuck in my hand and squeezed,” he said in closing.


Check out the rest of the results from WOCS 20:

JULY 27, 2012

Cylderlan “Porco Loco” defeated Rogério “Paraíba” via split decision;
Gilbert Durinho tapped out Vinicius Bohrer via rear-naked choke in R1;
Giovanni Diniz defeated Daniel Abelha via TKO in R2;
Guilherme Bomba defeated Wendel Negão via rear-naked choke in R2;
Alexandre Baixinho defeated Ederson Moreira via TKO in R2;
Lucas “Bob Esponja” defated Antonouce Conceição via unanimous decision;
Gustavo Coelho tapped out Magno Magoo via arm-and-neck choke in R1;
Gersinho Conceição defeated Paulo Vitor via TKO in R2;
Thiago Marreta defeated Denis da Silva via TKO in R1;
Rodrigo Delegado tapped out Leandro Lele with a reverse arm triangle in R3.

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