Diego Ramalho’s foot lock at the Salvador No-Gi Open

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Diego applies the golden straight foot lock at the Salvador No-Gi Open. 

After fighting fiercely in Rio de Janeiro and winning silver at that city’s leg of the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam, black-belt Diego Ramalho of ZR Team traveled to Bahia to take part in the IBJJF’s Salvador Open, which was held last weekend.

And he went on to top the podium both in and out of the gi, with his no-gi heavyweight final versus Ives Sacramento producing a noteworthy play. With his dangerous guard, Diego achieved two sweeps to take a 4–0 lead. Ives then tried to end the match with a foot attack, but it was Diego who got it right with a quick adjustment to spin with the winning foot lock in place.

Watch the full match here:

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