Copa Pódio: draw places Xande, Rodolfo and Nogueira in “group of death”

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Grupos verde e amarelo apos sorteio do GP dos Pesados da Copa Pódio de Jiu-Jitsu

The Green Group and Yellow Group for next January’s Heavyweight Grand Prix / Photo by Gustavo Aragão/GRACIEMAG

Yesterday in Florianópolis, with the main players on the lineup in attendance, the competitiors in the Green and Yellow groups were drawn for the hotly anticipated Copa Pódio Heavyweight GP, set for January 13 in Rio de Janeiro.

UFC fighter Caio “Monstro” Magalhães and Jiu-Jitsu world champion Rodolfo Vieira were seated side by side when they found out that they were both in the same Yellow Group together. And a further three fierce competitors rounded out the group with them: Xande Ribeiro, Léo Nogueira and Alex Ceconi.

“Yellow Group turned out to be the group of death. It’s something else,” remarked event promoter Jeferson Maycá.

Two fighters from each group will go through to the semifinals. Every combatant will face off with every other combatant in the same group to determine who proceeds in the competition.

Also determined yesterday by draw was the GP-opening match: Lúcio Lagarto vs. Alexandre Souza.

Check out how the GP groups shaped up and the complete card for Copa Pódio. And click here to find out how to watch life over the internet.

Which four heavyweights do you think will go through to the semis? Comment and participate!

Copa Pódio – Heavyweight GP
Clube Hebraica, Rio, RJ
January 13, 2013

Guto Campos vs. Wancler Oliveira (Guto defends his title for the third time)

Augusto Tanquinho vs. Davi Ramos
Mackenzie Dern vs. Marina Ribeiro

Diego Borges (Manaus) vs. Luizinho Pereira (Brasília)

Leandro Lo vs. Felipe Preguiça


Green Group:
Alexandre Souza (Gracie Floripa/Florianópolis)
Antonio Braga Neto (Gordo JJ/Porto Velho)
Bruno Bastos (Nova União EUA)
João Gabriel Rocha (Soul Fighters/Rio)
Lúcio Lagarto (Gracie Barra)

Yellow Group:
Caio Monstro (Nova União/Fortaleza)
Léo Nogueira (Alliance/São Paulo)
Rodolfo Vieira (GFTeam/Rio de Janeiro)
Xande Ribeiro (Ribeiro JJ)
Alexandro Ceconi (Ceconi Team/Criciúma)

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