Cláudia do Val’s golden foot lock at the Mexico City Open

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Claudia do Val’s medals.

The Mexican capital had its day as BJJ capital of the world in late February. With its hosting of the Mexico City Open, big names in the sport landed there in search of gold, and one such athlete was Claudia do Val.

In the end, the De la Riva black-belt left the gymnasium with two gold medals in her backpack. In the heavyweight final, Claudia faced Itzel Aguilar, and her endurance proved key to snatching another title.

After both athletes pulled guard simultaneously, Claudia started working from the top. Itzel locked Claudia’s foot and adjusted until spinning with the lock on. Claudia kept calm, repositioned herself and managed to avoid the squeeze. She then attacked Itzel’s foot, claiming the win.

Watch it all here:

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