Check Out a Simple Sweep that Can Save Your Life in MMA or Self-Defense

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Stephan Bonnar mounts and pounds Kingsbury at UFC 139. (Photo by Josh Hedges, courtesy of Zuffa via Getty Images)

Learning a good Jiu-Jitsu defense can be worth just as much as learning 50 different finishes. Especially if it serves as a life preserver in a real self-defense situation—that is, without a gi to grip on.

Today, revisits a sweep than not only can get you out of a jam, but can bring an end to a fight right away.

Take note of the four essential details to complete the position:

1. Protect yourself from any punches that may come your way.

2. Put the opponent’s hand on the ground.

3. Raise your body with your armpit up against the adversary’s shoulder.

4. Grab the elbow and flip the opponent to land in the mount.

Is there anything better than technique in Jiu-Jitsu?

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