Charles ‘do Bronx’ Oliveira and Rafael Costa teach a position for BJJ and MMA

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Rafael and Charles teach a hand triangle.

A cousin of Charles do Bronx, Rafael Costa will be fighting in the third edition of Future FC on May 22 in Indaiatuba, Brazil. The 21-year-old flyweight will be looking to achieve his tenth consecutive win with the help of some sharp jiu-jitsu.

In the following video, Charles do Bronx, whose record shows 13 submission wins in the UFC alone, introduces his pupil, and together they proceed to teach an option for finishing from the top, on half-guard, via hand triangle.

It’s worth noting that you can watch Rafael’s and several other bouts by downloading the Future FC app from Google Play or Apple’s App Store.

“I’m gonna do that base to try to come up, and he’s gonna underhook me,” Rafael says 18 seconds into the video. “What do I do? This outside hand, I get it in and hold the nape of his neck. With the other one, which I’m using for support, I can’t close the padlock. So what do I do? I bring his head with my elbow, and I’ve closed the pliers. From here you just weigh him down, adding pressure.”

And in case you are in the mood for a lot of MMA, Future FC has made its first two events available on its channel.

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