Takedown combo: Learn the tomoe ashi barai and the sumi gaeshi

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The key to this move is that it can only be done when
there is heavy resistance to the first attack of Tomoe
Nage. Then, the right foot acts like a De La Riva hook
while the right arm has to hook the leg on the outside
of the ankle. The throw happens with the De La Riva hook as
you arch over your right shoulder and straighten your right
leg. Be sure to keep you right elbow tucked tight against the
ankle to prevent the opponent from stepping out and preventing
the takedown.

[From 2013:] Travis Stevens is a two-time USA Olympic
Team member and a Jiu-Jitsu brown
belt under Renzo Gracie, Stevens competed
in the 2008 and 2012, Games.
In London, he went all the way to the
semifinals of the 81kg division.

Make sure to pull your opponent in tight and control
their body. Pull their arm into your waist and grab
the gi near the armpit across his back and body.
Bring your front leg inside your opponent’s legs
so your hips are in between their legs; pivot on that foot to
face your opponent, and drop your body and head below your
opponent’s head. Do not allow any separation of your upper
body and your opponent’s body; try to go as far under your
opponent as possible, and transfer your weight to your other
leg (right leg in this case). Pull in a circular motion with your
arms, drive off your right leg, and swing your other leg in the
direction of the throw. Finish by continuing to do a backward
somersault and come on top of your opponent with side control.
The leg is not what throws your opponent. It is your body
weight dropping below your opponent’s center of gravity that
makes the throw work.

[From 2013:] Black-belt Jimmy Pedro is a judo world champion and two-time Olympic medalist,
having won bronze at the 1996 and 2004 Olympics. Pedro is also coach to Kayla
Harrison, the first American judoka to win Olympic gold, in London 2012.

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