Celso wins four in New York and puts off retirement; watch him in action

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Celso with fistful of winnings / Publicity photo

Celso Venícius was the big winner at Ultimate Absolute 2, an event that gathered a number of stalwart Jiu-Jitsu black belts to dispute a total 10,000 dollars in prize money in New York. The Roberto Gordo black belt and teacher at Ryan Gracie academy in New York beat Mark Ramos, Gary Tonan, Renan Borges and Justin Rader in taking top spot on the podium.

“It was great. Competing in New York, in Manhattan—it’s awesome! The event was really cool. The athletes were treated great. We got bonuses for submissions. It was an excellent initiative. They’re already planning the next one, and the event should grow,” the champ told GRACIEMAG.com.

Celso says he plans to remain active, retracting statements he made last season regarding retirement, when he said he it would be the last time he competes at a World Championship.

“I’m signed up for the World Pro tryouts in Gramado, and I’ll see what happens next then, since I’m still here in New York. But I do want to continue competing. I thought I’d stop, but I’m back. As no good offer to do MMA arose, I’m fighting to keep in rhythm.”

Check out Celso’s campaign at Ultimate Absolute 2:

Final – Celso Venicius Vs Justin Rader

Celso Venicius Vs Renan Borges

Celso Venicius Vs Gary Tonan

Celso Venicius Vs Mark Ramos

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