Cássio Francis’s sneaky leg lock at the Brasília Open

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Cássio Francis, Brasília Open’s absolute champion. Vitor Freitas/ GRACIEMAG

The final open BJJ tournament held in Brazil this year, the Brasília Open had some big surprises in store early this month.

One of them unfolded in the men’s absolute division, in the match between Cássio Francis (Gracie Barra) and Igor Marques (NS Brotherhood). Known for his dangerous guard, Cássio showed great skill on top, submitting his opponent with a sneaky, brutal move.

After reversing and attempting the guard pass from the top to no avail, Cássio sought a shortcut: with his adversary’s leg already inside the trap, he lassoed the shin and fell with the surprise leg lock already sunk.

You can watch Cássio’s lethal technique in the video below.

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