Buchecha on open letter: “Rematch with Roger Gracie at Metamoris 7 is off.”

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Roger vs. Buchecha, in 2012

Roger vs. Buchecha, in 2012

Marcus Buchecha released a pen letter this Tuesday informing the Jiu-Jitsu community that his announced rematch against Roger Gracie at Metamoris 7, on July 17, is off.

The three-time black belt open class champion, who is getting ready for the 2016 Worlds, sent the following message to the press (translated to English from Portuguese).

“Unfortunately, there will not be a rematch with Roger Gracie on Metamoris 7. Actually, I never officially announced this match. It was announced before an agreement was signed. 

I appreciate your support and apologize for all of those who are let down by this news. Believe me, I am as disappointed as you are. I can easily say that I wanted this match as much as you wanted. I wanted to give fans another chance to see that match. Maybe, in the future we could have another opportunity to fight. 

I am now focused and working hard to be at the Pyramid once again on June 4 and 5 in search of another dream: to be world champion once again. Thank you all to all of those who always supported me and have been by my side throughout all I have been through this past year. I can now say that I am back. 

I take this opportunity to congratulate Roger Gracie for his first MMA belt, as always showcasing the efficiency of our art in MMA.”

Roger Gracie confirmed to GRACIEMAG.com that with Buchecha off, he has no interest on fighting anyone else.

“I’m out! There’s nobody else for me to fight. i want to dedicate myself 100% to MMA now.”

Metamoris has yet to announce a new main event for the July 17 event, in Los Angeles.

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