BJJBET: Roberto Cyborg taps Kaynan Duarte; Felipe Preguiça beats Erberth Santos

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Cyborg goes down with his hand in place for the heel hook. Carlos Arthur Jr.

Held this Saturday, Sept. 6, BJJBET’s debut event had 13 matches across gi and no-gi. The card was livestreamed from a castle in São Paulo state.

In the main no-gi event, the veteran Roberto Cyborg took on Kaynan Duarte, the young star from Atos. After an intense exchange of grips and some takedown attempts, Kaynan pulled and worked to sweep. Unable to achieve the reversal, Kaynan placed himself under Cyborg’s legs. This maneuver would have resulted in a heel hook — but Cyborg thought fast.

As soon as Kaynan produced the leg tangle and thought of attacking the foot, Cyborg took his own shot at Kaynan’s heel and managed to get there first. Kaynan then tapped out.

Prior to this, in the main classical event, Felipe Preguiça and Erberth Santos were once more pitted against each other. Their previous match, in BJJ Stars, had ended prematurely after a fight broke out, leaving the encounter without a result. This time the duel did play out, but again ended in atypical fashion.

At the start, Erberth was combative, seeking the action, even scoring first with a takedown. However, working from the guard, Felipe managed to reverse and pass, arriving on the mount and smothering Erberth from the top, underhooking both arms and applying pressure.

“It’s a position I use often in my training,” Felipe told Graciemag. “He said, ‘Enough, enough!’ I signaled to the ref that he had surrendered.”

Also noteworthy were Nicholas Meregali vs. Leandro Lo and Xande Ribeiro vs. Vagner Rocha (both matches drawn), and the submissions produced by Isaque Bahiense, Gutemberg Pereira, Marcos Petcho and Mica Galvão.

Complete results below.

São Paulo
Sept. 6, 2020

Roberto Cyborg def. Kaynan Duarte, heel hook
Felipe Preguiça def. Erberth Santos, tapout
Isaque Bahiense def. Gregor Gracie, guillotine
Nicholas Meregali and Leandro Lo drew
Xande Ribeiro and Vagner Rocha drew
Marco Barbosa def. Wander Braga, 3-0 points
Marcos Petcho def. Servio Tulio, bow-and-arrow
Leo Lara def. Ítalo Moura, 2-0 points
Gabi Pessanha def. Yara Soares, 10-8 points
Diego Pato def. Alex Sodré, 12-10 points
Gutemberg Pereira def. Rider Zuchi, kata-gatame
Meyram Maquine def. Fabrício Takaka, 8-2 points
Mica Galvão def. Felipe Porto, bow-and-arrow

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