Another Ginástica Natural exercise to liven up your workouts

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There’s no better supplement a human can take than good old physical exertion.

That’s what you’ll get if you go with Ginástica Natural, a workout method that’s handy in helping you to build endurance, improve your posture and get more power behind your moves. And the best part: you don’t need any equipment, just the weight from your own body.

Want to get started today? Physical conditioning coaches Álvaro and Raphael Romano have a brand new challenge for you, to whip you into shape good and quick.

Today’s exercise needs to be done in pairs. The first thing to do is decide who’s going to roll first and who’s going to leap. The second step is to determine how many repetitions there’ll be—two sets of ten reps is what they recommend.

When doing the leap, it’s important that you use your legs to thrust as well as to absorb the impact. At first sight, people often think the thrust is created by the upper body.

Ready for the challenge? Enjoy the workout and be healthy.

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