Andre Galvão keeps the fire burning 11 years after his first Worlds as a black belt

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Andre Galvão. Photo: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

Andre Galvão. Photo: Ivan Trindade/GRACIEMAG

The year was 2005 when a new face appeared in the middleweight division. From the camp of Fernando Tererê, a young and talented André Galvão confirmed the great results he had in the colored belts and debuted with another gold medal.

Eleven years later, Galvão is now a three-time world champion (2005, 2008, 2014), a team leader for Atos JJ and mentor of countless competitors out his academy in San Diego. Even so, he’s ready to go once again. He reveals what makes him still want to step n the mats of big events like the Worlds: “I like to train and compete a lot and now with my students, it’s a extra motivation. I feel great to represent my team  and give my best. I also like to test my Jiu-Jitsu and I do that with pleasure and dedication.”

Galvão at the 2005 Worlds. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

Galvão at the 2005 Worlds. Photo: Gustavo Aragão

The new roles in his life could represent more pressure on Galvão, as he’s not competing by his own anymore. He also talks about how he handles the responsibility of being a role model for his students. “I feel no pressure at all. I wouldn’t be here if I felt any pressure to compete. It’s something I really like to do.”

So, how is Galvão for the 2016 World? He says he’s never been better. “The work is done. I had a great camp with my teammates in San Diego. I guess experience helps a lot too, as it allows me to have a bit more control over my feelings and reactions. My goal is to win, as always, but also I want to to have good fights.”

The black belt division kicks off this Saturday, June 4, with the male and female open class and the early rounds of the weight classes.

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