5 tips to never miss an armbar in Jiu-Jitsu

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For this Jiu-Jitsu lesson, GRACIEMAG called the black belt and One FC fighter Herbert Burns to talk about the armbar, one of the most emblematic submissions of the gentle art.

The athlete of Evolve MMA, and disciplined Herbert listed below some important points for you to not allow the opponent’s arm escape from your guard.

1. Pressure on the knees

“The pressure of the knees is essential for you to trap the elbow of your opponent. The more you can squeeze your knees; the more efficient will be your armbar. Do not be nervous about the move of the opponent, do the right adjustments and you will submit “.

2. Make a dominant grip

“The most appropriate grip for the armbar is having the palm of your hand against the palm of the opponent. With this grip dominated, the opponent cannot rotate his thumb to try to escape the crunch. ”

3. Heels Down

“Force your heels down, that way you prevent your opponent from throwing his weight on you. A good example is the armbar from the closed guard, where the pressure of the heels is essential. This way, the opponent has no way to pull his arm out.”

4. Always use both hands

“When you use both hands against only one hand of the opponent, you cancel his armbar defense and avoid his grips in the kimono. Furthermore, you do spend the opponent strength and opens the way for the submission. Never rush to stretch the opponent’s arm, make sure you adjust your grips first. ”

5. Against flexible opponents

“Against flexible opponents always pull the opponent’s arm in a diagonal angle, out of your body. So you increase your leverage power. “

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