2016 European: Barral vs. Pena; Mackenzie vs. Andresa in the black belt open class finals

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Felipe Pena vs. Erberth Santos

Felipe Pena vs. Erberth Santos

The finalists for the adult black belt open class division have been set after a day of thrills in Lisbon.

In the male open class, Romulo Barral and Felipe Pena will most probably close out the final.

Barral fought four times this Saturday and finished all his opponents with chokes.

The leader of Gracie Barra Northridge first choked Andreas Perales from the mount, then Daniel Cobb and Patrick Santos from the half guard.

In the semifinal, Rominho had a tough match against Jackson Sousa, but ended up choking the opponent from the back.

Rominho vs. Jackson Sousa

Rominho vs. Jackson Sousa

On the other side of the bracket, Pena started his run choking Josh Hinger from the back, then he did the same with Manuel Oliveira. The quartefinal match was against Alan Finfou, also choked from the back.

The semifinal against Erberth Santos was the most thrilling match of the day. Pena was able to resist a nasty armbar and then went on to get a bow and arrow choke in place with seconds left on the clock.

Mackenzie vs.  Olga Lyashevska

Mackenzie vs. Olga Lyashevska

In the female division, Mackenzie Dern had three matches and finished all her opponents.

She first caught Maria Dolores with a toe hold in 19s, then an omoplata on Venla Luukkonen in 56s and finally another toe hold on Olga Lyashevska in 1:32.

On the other side of the bracket, Andresa Correa was also merciless against her opponents. She first caught Paula Almeida with a leg lock, then beat Shanti Abelha 9-0 and finally caught Luiza Monteiro in another leg lock.

Andresa vs. Luiza Monteiro

Andresa vs. Luiza Monteiro

The finals go down this Sunday, after all the black belt weight classes play out.

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Here are the best images of the open class division.



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