2015 Worlds: Faria, Obelenyte stand out with double gold; Alliance dominates adult division once again

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selo_hayabusaThe 2015 World Jiu-Jitsu championship is in the books.

The 20th edition of the most prestigious competition of the season was thrilling as always and full of surprising moments.

Alliance’s Bernardo Faria didn’t miss his greatest chance so far of making into the select club of black belt open class champions.

With a near-perfect campaign, Faria finished five out his six matches during the weekend at the superheavy and the open class divisions.

Bernardo Faria

Bernardo Faria

Adding to his competence and dedication, Faria was also lucky when Marcus Buchecha and Alex Trans got hurt and could not get in his way to double gold glory.

Faria is now the 11th men to be crowned black belt open class champion at the Worlds.

In the female division, Dominyka Obelenyte wrote her name in history with a lot of pressure on the top to also make it to double gold.

Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte

A pupil of Marcelo Garcia’s, Dominyka beat Monique Elias 6-2 in the open class final and choked Vanessa Oliveira for the heavyweight gold medal.

Obelenyte is only the second non-Brazilian to make it to the top of the podium at the black belt open class division at the Worlds.

Alliance had a perfect weekend taking home both the male and female adult teams trophies.

The team under Master Romero Jacaré now has 10 titles in the male division and eight in the female division.

Here are the other champions in the black belt division.


With a last-second sweep attempt, Rikako Yuasa beat Gezary Matuda for the lightfeather title. She’s only the 2nd Japanese competitor to win at the black belt in Worlds history .

With a choke from the back on Michelle Nicolini, Mackenzie Dern won the featherweight division. With that, Dern is now world champion in all belts since the blue belt.

With a leglock, Bia Mesquita beat Fabiana Borges for the lightweight title.

Luiza Monteiro beat Luanna Alzuguir by referees decision after a 2-2 tie and is now the middleweight champion.

Ana Laura Cordeiro is the medium-heavyweight world champion after a 4-0 win over Andressa Correa.

Fernanda Mazzelli sailed through the super-heavyweight final and outscored Alison Tremblay 9-0 for the world title.


Bruno Malfacine is now seven times world champion after he beat João Miyao 2-1 on advantages at the roosterweight final. Besides Malfa, only Roger Gracie has seven titles on weight divisions at the Worlds as a black belt.

Paulo Miyao choked Daniel Beleza from the back to win the light-feather world title.

Rafael Mendes is the first featherweight with five world titles as a black belt. He took Cobrinha’s back and swept to win 6-0.

Michael Langhi closed out the lightweight with Lucas Lepri to win his third world title.

With a 8-4 score, Cláudio Calasans Jr. won his first world title as a black belt after defeating Vitor Oliveira in the middleweight final.

Leandro Lo reached his fourth title in the third different weight division after the 7-0 win over Tarsis Humphreys to conquer the medium-heavyweight title.

Xande Ribeiro reached his 7th world title as a black belt after he beat Lucas Leite 4-2 in the heavyweight final.

Bernardo Faria beat João Gabriel Rocha 8-2 at the superheavy final.

Gabriel Lucas outscored Ricardo Evangelista 3-2 on advantages to win the ultra-heavy division.

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