2015 Marianas Open: Keenan takes 10K home but Jiu-Jitsu is the biggest winner in Guam

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With a bow and arrow choke, Keenan Cornelius made Michael Fowler tap in the black belt open class final to take the $10k prize home.

That was the finishing touch of a Saturday of great Jiu-Jitsu in the beautiful island of Guam.

The 2015 Marianas Open gathered over 200 athletes for a full day of competition, including kids, teenagers and adults.

Throughout the day, great technique and a lot of passion for the gentle art was poured on the four mats set up in the Phoenix Center.

In the teams competitions, once again, Purebred Guam dominated the podium, winning both the Kids/Teens and the Adults divisions.

According to Stephen Roberto, leader of Purebred, the team has won every single edition of the Marianas Open, in the longest winning streak in southeast Asia.

The moment everyone waited for was the black belt open class division, which would grant the champion a $10k prize.

That was enough to attract some major names for the competition, like Keenan Cornelius, Lucas Leite, Michael Fowler, Marcos Souza, J0sh Hinger and others.

The event’s organizer, Steve Shimizu, was very pleased with the turn out and promised an even bigger purse for next year’s event.

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Here’s a photo gallery of the black belt open class division.



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