Wrestling more effective than BJJ? Ricardo Almeida disagrees

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0_HayabusaGi_StampSiteJosh Barnett made headlines this weekend when he tapped out Dean Lister with a head lock from side control at Metamoris 4.

After the win, he took the opportunity for zinger at the BJJ crowd.

“Pro wrestling is no joke!”, said the former UFC and Pride star.

Looking a while back, we found this video that proves that Jiu-Jitsu is also no joke.

At the ADCC 2000, Josh Barnett faced a much smaller Ricardo Almeida and things did not go so well.

See how this open class first round match went.

Josh Barnett vs Ricardo Almeida by z3nm0nkey

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There are 10 comments for this article
  1. Neil Keegstra at 3:57 pm

    One match going either way proves nothing. 20 matches between the same two guys proves only which guy is dominant over the other. MANY matches between
    many people can BEGIN to prove a trend.

  2. Richard Kaleta at 8:47 pm

    Wrestlers are usually in better shape… 😛
    Too many people are wanting to compare Apples and Oranges…
    Wrestling is a sport, it is not a killing martial art.
    OR, are we now wanting to call BJJ a "sport"?
    JuJutsu (one of the martial arts I learned) is not a sport, it is meant for maiming and killing an adversary. I learned both Jujutsu and the more evolved Judo for sport many years ago.

  3. James Chico Hernandez at 8:59 pm

    Many different variables could prove to go either way on any given day with any skilled style combatant. For Example, at the 2006 North American NAGA Championships I Beat you 6-1, at the 2008 World NAGA Championship Finals in OT and Ref Decision/Coin Flip You Beat me 2-2, at the 2009 World NAGA Championships You Beat me 4-2. If you add up all the scores, I Beat you 10-7, but You Beat Me 2 out of 3 Times with a 2 wins in a row for You Neil Keegstra. So by the rational statement Your Brazilian Ju-Jitsu is Better than Mine yet my Wrestling is better than Yours. Final Outcome? You are the Better Man! We had some Great Battles and Two World Championships Belts for you.

  4. Neil Keegstra at 12:22 am

    James Chico Hernandez Putting my name and 'skilled' in the same sentence is a stretch. We each had a win, the rubber match was a coin toss and I got the lucky side. I consider it all tied up.

  5. Nicholas NJ at 4:42 pm

    I read that he says pro Wrestling is no joke. He says nothing about BJJ or any other style, so it seems to me that he is not "dissing" any other style but just standing up for his – wrestling ….

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