Worlds Masters & Seniors: Ricardo Bastos, Saulo Ribeiro, shine on day 2; other results

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Ricardo Bastos wa sthe master open class champion

Ricardo Bastos (blue gi) was sthe master open class champion

The 2013 Worlds Masters & Seniors wrapped up this Sunday, October 6, with 0ver 700 athletes from brown belt and black belt being responsible for over seven hours of great Jiu-Jitsu in thrilling matches.

In the master black belt division, the open class competition was marked by the duel between Gracie Barra and Nova União.

The semifinals set two batles between Flavio Almeida (GB) and Ricardo Bastos (NU) and Roberto Alencar (GB) and Leonardo Peçanha (NU).

In the first one, Ricardo Bastos defeated Flavio Almeida only in the penalties count, after a 0-0 tie on points and 1-1 on advantages.

In the second semi, also a close match, Roberto Alencar outscored Leonardo Peçanha 4-0 on advantages.

The final was in the same note, and it was up to the refs to decide who was going to take the gold medal home.

After a 0-0 tie both on points and advantages, two out of three judges thought tha Ricardo Bastos was more aggressive during the six minutes and awarded him with the win over Roberto Alencar.

“It’s a outcome of the perseverance I had after so many years competing,” said Ricardo about his victory, his first ever absolute gold at a IBJJF event.

In the other master black belt weight divisions, the results were:

Fabio Passos (Alliance) defeated Marcelo Pererira (Nova União) for the gold

Daniel Beleza (SAS) beat Marcel Oliveira (Fratelli Leteri) ffor the title

Denilson Pimenta (GFT) beat Andre Marques (NU) by one advantage for the gold

Marcos Torregrosa (Yemaso) defetaed Theodoro Canal (GF Team) by points for the title.

Rafael Barbosa (Soul Fighters) defeated Adriano Araujo (Barbosa JJ) by refs decision to win gold

Rodrigo Pinheiro (GH) defeated Diego Gamonal (BTT) by pints for the gold

Flavio Almeida (GB) closed out with Roberto Alencar (GB) and took gold

Bruno Bastos (Nova União) defeated Fabio Villela (GB) by points for the gold

Marcio Corletta (Winner JJ) defeated James Foster (Foster JJ) by points for the title

In the senior black belt division, the stand outs were:

Senior 1:

Saulo Ribeiro is the senior 1 male black belt absolute champion. He defeated Fabio Leopoldo 3-0 (guard pass) for the gold. Saulo also won the superheavy division.

Senior 2:

Fabiano Scherner defeated Givanildo Santana 2-0 in the final for the absolute gold. He also won the ultra-heavyweight division.

Senior 3:

Admilson Brites and Ailson Brites closed out the open class. The gold went to Admilson.

In the team competition, the final standings were:

Master and Senior Worlds – Male
1 – Gracie Barra – 301
2 – Gracie Elite Team – 178
3 – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu – 141

Master and Senior Worlds – Female
1 – Nova União – 70
2 – Gracie Humaita – 34
3 – Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu – 27

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Here are the best images of the day by GRACIEMAG photographers:

Erin Herle

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Ivan Trindade

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Carol Gracie

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