What Lo and Erberth said to each other during the Brazilian Nationals’ absolute final

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Leandro Lo vs Erberth Santos: Foto: Flashsport.

Leandro Lo vs Erberth Santos: Foto: Flashsport.

Last Sunday Leandro Lo and Erberth Santos fought in two finals of the Brazilian National Jiu-Jitsu Championship. The first one — the super-heavyweight final — went rather normally, with Erberth having a good start but ending up getting passed and losing 5-0.

The absolute final, however, was a totally different affair. It was tied at 2-2 (see the official fight video below) until a takedown was scored in Lo’s favor. When the match resumed with Lo in Erberth’s closed guard, the two fighters had a little chat (ten minutes into the video). This is Graciemag’s best lip-reading effort to bring you the content of the conversation.

“Get up,” Erberth said. “Let’s beat each other up so the people can get excited in this final minute.”

“Well, open your guard, then,” Lo replied. “Open up and see if I can pass.” They both laughed.

“Let’s get standing again, then!” said Erberth.

And stand up they did. A bit later, Lo pulled to guard, and the chat resumed. “Open up now, and I’ll pass, huh!” he said.

“No, you don’t,” said Erberth.

In the end Lo was champion, and his merit was acknowledged by Erberth, who remained the No. 1-ranked male of the season due to how prolific he’s been so far.

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