What is the hardest guard to pass in BJJ?

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Be like Rodolfo Vieira and get past terrifying guards like Leandro Lo’s. Carlos Arthur Jr./GRACIEMAG.

As much of a guard player as a BJJ fighter might be, there’s no way around it: Sometime or another, they will have to play on top and be faced with a number of guards and traps designed to send them flying, or at least make it a nightmare to get on the side. But what is the single hardest guard to pass?

The answer is simple: The hardest guard to pass is that which you don’t know. Where you’ve never been. Where you don’t have hours of experience to identify the dangers. With that in mind, Graciemag selected five video lessons about guard-passing — one for each type of guard.

Study and practice them. Let your sparring partner do their best adjustments on the guard they’re doing, and force yourself to beat that guard.

Closed guard – Marcio Feitosa

Open guard – Marco Barbosa

Lasso – Leandro Lo

Half-guard – Rodolfo Vieira

50/50 – Lucas Lepri

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