What can you learn from Rolls?

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Photo: Family archives

Rolls Gracie departed us twenty-eight years ago. The lessons passed on by the mythological teacher, however, remain ever more up to date, as GRACIEMAG readers now have the opportunity to find out in the latest issue’s cover story.

A number of readers have already remarked on the issue, of which the enthralling cover, with an until-then-unreleased photo of the Gracie, is just the beginning.

Check out the comments, and leave yours, too, after securing a copy of your own. Purchase the new GRACIEMAG today, at bookstores across the USA or get it at home anywhere in the planet by clicking here.

“This time you outdid yourselves with the cover. The photo is simply marvelous, tasteful, and is reminiscent of the cover of Veja magazine after Frank Sinatra passed away, highlighting Sinatra’s blue eyes. Very comely cover.” Felipe Amorim

“All we can do is salute the GRACIEMAG team for the marvelous cover!” Bruno P.

“Truly, the cover is excellent, but even better still is the content. Rolls, even after passing away, teaches us a lot; we owe a lot to him for the Jiu-Jitsu we live and practice. Thank you for existing, GRACIEMAG!” Eric O.

“Excellent article. I remember how Master Rolls preached integrating other styles, which is a lesson to us all, even to the magazine” Isaías BSB

“Rolls the great! I believe he was the wisest and most technical of the whole family!” Egon

“I get the magazine at home and I liked the cover, too. What would it be like if Rolls were still around?” Little Dog

“I witnessed Rolls doing MMA in 1974, or 1975. The man is a myth. He was quick as a cat, while his technique was beyond refined, and the way he would look at you with those blue eyes would intimidate anybody. It was an irreparable loss for Jiu-Jitsu, in the 1980’s. The great master is sorely missed!” Professor Peixotinho

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