Weight and open weight World Pro winner to compete in San Diego

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Claudio Calasans, against Braulio, was the big name at the World Pro 2010. Photo: Luca Atalla.

Weight and open weight winner and big standout at the 2010 World Pro Claudio Calasans will see action at the San Diego qualifiers for the event. The Atos black belt is yet another beast confirmed to be there alongside Guilherme Mendes, Clark Gracie, Rodrigo Caporal and Joel Tudor, among others, at the event to take place March 5 and 6 at Point Loma High School.

February 28 is the cut-off for sign-ups for the event guaranteeing all-expenses-paid trips to thirteen winners of the adult division at April’s World Pro, as well as a ticket to Abu Dhabi for the No-Gi absolute winner.  Click here to find out more. It is worth remembering that only at the tryouts organized by Fernando Paradeda (Las Vegas, San Diego and Gramado) are there No-Gi, master, and juvenile divisions.

“I want to advise people that they should sign up quickly, as there’s great demand and space is limited. And also to avoid any confusion. Our event is going to take place March 5 and 6. There’s an ADCC qualifier coming up, but it has nothing to do with our organization,” explains Fernando Paradeda.

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