Jeff Glover and Metamoris match: “Caio Terra’s a great wall I need to climb”

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Jeff Glover busca as costas de Caio Terra na World Jiu Jitsu Expo Foto Dan Rod

With this attack in the final, Jeff Glover surprised Caio Terra and won their May supermatch at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo on points. Photo by Dan Rod/GRACIEMAG.

GRACIEMAG: Metamoris is just around the corner, coming up on the 14th. How’s training going for your 20-minute, no-points match against Caio Terra?

Going well, no injuries. As always, I’ve been welcomed in to train at a bunch of places. Besides pointers from Ricardo Franjinha [teacher at and leader of Paragon JJ], I’ve been training with Joel Tudor a lot lately. I like the way he sees Jiu-Jitsu. He has a good guard, aggressive game and deadly guillotines, as well as other dangerous chokes.

Are you in good physical shape?

Not at all. I’m in awful shape. I need to finish him quick (laughs)!

In your view, what’s the most dangerous thing about Caio? What’s his best submission?

He’s got a good figure-four footlock. I’ll be watching out for that.

You guys fought last May at the Jiu-Jitsu Expo. What’s your breakdown of that late come-from-behind win of yours?

It was awesome! The crowd was on my side, and I could feel that energy from them. I think the crowd will make a difference again in San Diego. Anyone with all that energy on their side will find a way to win. Let’s see who the fans in San Diego like better. I think that in our last match he might have thought he’d won it, until he walked right into one of my traps (laughs). Want to learn that sneak attack of mine? I can teach it to you!

What do you really think about Caio Terra as an opponent, Jeff?

Caio has been a good buddy of mine for some time now, in a weird way. Our bull*&%$ and fights [on Facebook] have gotten us loads of attention from fans and the Jiu-Jitsu world. Positive or negative, repercussions are always repercussions. So I’m grateful to him, in a way. He makes me better, makes me train more to beat him. He’s like a great wall in my path. I have to climb him. Oss, Caio, we’re two warriors!

In the Metamoris promo video, you say you don’t see Caio having a chance of subbing you…

On points, he can beat me at any championship. But to get me to tap out is something completely different.

He compared you to Chael Sonnen in a interview. What did you think when you read that?

I love it. Lift us up, Caio! Let’s go. It’ll be a good fight.

Why is it that sometimes you start a match with your back to your opponent?

Well, it’s a way of provoking and irritating my opponent. But I also have some good tricks from that position. Want to see?

Not today. This is a Gi match, but your latest good results have been in No-Gi, like at the 2011 ADCC, where you came in third in the under-66 kg division. Do you like No-Gi fighting more? Do you ever think about doing MMA?

Perhaps, I’d like to tap people out with my triangles, Chris Holdsworth style. But I really do like competing in the gi—there are more submissions available. I love the brabo choke, for example. I love the ADCC too. In 2013 I’ll be there to compete without the gi again.

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