Watch Theodoro Canal and Ricardo Evangelista’s Wins in Ceará, Brazil

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Ricardo Evangelista against Bruno Ramos at Open Ceará 2 (photo by Ednardo Lima)

The Open Ceará 2 tournament took place last weekend in the Northeast Brazilian city of Fortaleza, gathering the likes of Theodoro Canal, Ricardo Evangelista, Carlos Farias, Hugo Britto, Bruno Ramos and Helio Mourão among the 600 participating athletes.

The GFTeam stars were on fire: Theodoro won the black belt lightweight absolute, while Ricardo took top spot in the heavyweight absolute.

And Theodoro Canal went one further: the featherweight took gold in the lightweight absolute and silver in the heavyweight absolute. Canal beat Carlos Faria to win gold.

In the master division, Bruno Leandro (MG) came out on top, beating Gracie Barra’s Bruno Ramos by 2 to 0. At brown belt, Diego Quadros of Kimura/Nova União went to town in the lightweight absolute, while Inácio Neto and José Wilson closed out the heavyweight absolute for Gracie Barra.

In the team contest, SAS took top spot, Nova União came in second, and Evolution notched third.

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