Watch a criminal get foiled after breaking into a BJJ school

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The scoundrel got the hell out as athletes chased him.

A peculiar episode was caught on tape recently in Rio de Janeiro state. A criminal tried to break into a Gracie Barra branch in Nova Iguaçu to steal. But he hadn’t considered it would be BJJ class time when he did it.

After pretending to seek information from the receptionist, the thief jumped over the turnstile and attempted to take her cellphone. As they realized what was going on, students left the dojo and chased the criminal, who swiftly left through the same door.

“There were two men,” the receptionist told news site G1. “One stayed outside on the bike, and the other came into the gym. He didn’t come in announcing a robbery; he came up to the reception and asked for information. But, since I was suspicious and didn’t respond, he jumped over the turnstile already asking for my phone. He surrounded me at the stairs and tried to take the phone from my hand.”

“The criminal pulled my hair to try to bring me closer to him,” she went on, “but I pushed him away with my arm. At that moment he pulled his shirt up and said, ‘I’m gonna kill you.’ But I couldn’t identify what kind of weapon it was — I couldn’t tell between a knife and a revolver. My luck was that a student saw the situation and called the others. Scared, the criminal ran and fled on a second bicycle.”

Check out the action in this video.

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