Wanderlei Silva’s team wins via Jiu-Jitsu in TUF Brazil

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Rony Jason applying an armbar on Gasparzinh / Publicity photo

Wanderlei Silva’s Blue Team finally got its first win on the TUF Brazil, last Sunday, and they have Jiu-Jitsu to thank for it.

On the seventh episode of the reality show on Brazil’s most popular television channel, Globo, Rony “Jason” took on his friend Anistávio “Gasparzinho”. Following a brief exchange on the feet the action went to the ground. Jason wrapped up the fight with an armbar, ending the face-off between training partners.


“The most important part of the armbar is slipping out the hip and bridging it upwards, while remembering to lock the arm in using the legs,” teaches João Paulo Marques, Rony “Jason’s” first Jiu-Jitsu instructor, in a conversation with GRACIEMAG.com.

“Note how Jason wraps up the leg with his arm to facilitate his hip movement and to destabilize the opponent, which led to his flipping Gasparzinho over,” said Marques in detail.

Check out the complete episode of TUF Brazil. Then comment: Who’s demonstrated the best Jiu-Jitsu on TUF Brazil so far?


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