Video: Rickson Gracie promoted to red-belt

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Royler and Rorion next to Rickson, the newest grandmaster of BJJ.

After four decades as a BJJ teacher, Rickson Gracie has achieved the title of grandmaster. The graduation took place last Thursday during a seminar of his in Las Vegas. Red-belt Rorion Gracie, his eldest brother, organized the surprise alongside the likes of Alvaro Barreto, Royler Gracie, Jean Jacques Machado, Fabio Melo, Pedro Sauer, Fabrício Werdum and Rubens Cobrinha.

Rorion and the group entered the room as a clueless Rickson was talking. After his ninth degree was given him, Rickson spoke about time spent at each belt, and said he was keeping his red belt to be able to use the coral belt for another five years and receive the ninth degree at the proper time.

But Royler, Rorion and Alberto Barreto insisted that Rickson was ready to become a grandmaster. Rickson complied, accepting the belt and the title. You can watch the historic moment in this video.

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