Video: Get the guillotine choke from the butterfly guard, back, mount, side mount

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Guillotine at ADCC 2013. Photo: Erin Herle

Guillotine at ADCC 2013. Photo: Erin Herle

As no-gi season approaches with the No-Gi Worlds and No-Gi Pans in October it’s time to switch gears.

One submission that is preferred for no-gi practitioners is the guillotine choke. From white belt to black belt, this move is a high-percentage move that is capable by most anyone.

Here are four videos that break down the guillotine from various positions.

Greg Nelson of The Academy shows how to get the choke from the back position:

The half-guard guillotine is covered by Pablo Popovitch:

Marcelo Garcia, a guillotine connoisseur, shows how from the butterfly guard:

Get the choke from the mount in this sequence by Justin Rader:

And check out this highlight of Marcelo Garcia and his successful guillotines in action:


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